Terminal Operators

The company has achieved in a short time the leadership in the activities of commercial terminals in the ports of Messina and Milazzo. The overall change on an annual basis is approximately 1.000.000 tons of cargo, with 280 ships entrusted to the agency and about 20.000 unaccompanied semi-trailers to and from ferry RO RO.

The Comet S.r.l. has collaborated with companies in Italy and abroad for maritime works both for the management of project cargo destined to the shipyards and for the management of material flows and logistics for the organization of operational activities.

Significant experience conducted by the Comet Srl. in the management of the Passenger Terminal cruise ships called Messina “MST – Messina Sea Terminal”.

From 2006 now, Comet Group manages the grant of the Passenger Terminal Messina, in accordance with the ISO 9000-2008. The package of services offered is the result of synergies within the company group.

Only limited, Comet Enterprise Port of Messina thanks to equity, provides for the handling, taken in loading and unloading luggage as well as routing and alongside the bus bound cruise traffic.

The result is a functional management and proactive, which showed a significant increase in landings (250 year) with a tip di 400.000 passengers last year.

In 2011 Comet srl has been awarded the contract for the management tenth anniversary of the Passenger Terminal Milazzo, for which he proposed a project management articulated, aimed at improving both the configuration of the interior and exterior spaces that increase the range of services to offer users.

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