Port Enterprise

Experience in the field of intermodal handling of goods in the port area, highly-qualified staff, high technological potential available, are the keys to success of Comet, which is the first company operating in the port of Messina and Milazzo.

Featuring an efficient fleet of vehicles for lifting and transport, an operational structure well organized with over 50 specialized work units, represents a point of reference for the quality of services offered.

Its location within an area typically industrial production has enabled it to acquire specific skills for the materials handling, loading and unloading operations in particular:

  • Handling of steel blooms, tubes, beams, coils and containers of any size and weight
  • Boarding unloading dry bulk cargo by crane
  • loading and unloading of solid bulk cargoes
  • Emptying and filling containers
  • Conditioning and reconditioning goods (hills)
  • Pulitura e cernita merci
  • Quality control of the goods
  • Repair and service containers
  • Luggage empty containers
  • Merce Custody
  • Warehouse activities outside the port town