Energy Efficiency

By the term "energy efficiency" refers to the series of actions in the field of both thermal and electrical, that allow, to consume the least amount of energy possible, for equal services offered.
In Italy, especially in the south of the peninsula, The potential energy savings achievable through increased energy efficiency is significant in both the public and private sectors.

Today is fundamental, achieve a balance between the major environmental emergencies, diffuse pollution on a local scale, industrial risk and cost rationalization of enterprise, This is possible thanks to a sustainable use of energy.

Our specialized team of engineers, Accountants, environmental experts with the support and experience of the best analysts in the various fields of intervention, It is able to offer global services consulting and advanced technical support, in each renewable energy project

Our mission is energy efficiency in existing systems or to be made, aimed at obtaining a substantial reduction of pollutant emissions and the general improvement of environmental quality and safety of our customers, always in line with the new systems cost control actions and the identification of the margins of the savings resulting from the reduction in consumption.

Our projects

The activities carried out in this area are interfaced in synergy with the design of systems to renewable energy sources (Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal, Biomass) and strategic programs and methodologies for energy savings in the residential sector, tertiary, industrial and transportation, promoted successfully in our years in business to involvement in the training and information in community projects.


Comet Energy is able to provide engineering services, turnkey photovoltaic systems and development of large photovoltaic plants throughout Italian, from planning to commissioning and the economic analysis of depreciation.


Among the renewable energy Biomass, a term used to mean everything that has organic matrix, with the exception of plastics and fossil, It is one of the most promising, both for its potential, both for its significant contribution to the various national sectoral markets (heat, electricity, transport) always in compliance with the strict directives on energy and environment

In 2013 Comet bio was ranked first in Italy with draft biomass plant 1 MW in the province of Messina , getting, by the Minister of Economic Development, access to benefits in favor of the investment programs related interventions activation, strengthening and support of biomass supply chains that integrate energy objectives of environmental protection and land development through the reuse and the exploitation of biomass.

I clienti Comet, whether they are public bodies, Companies or private entities, They are in our company a partner that can assist in all phases of design and construction:

  • feasibility studies

  • preliminary and rough

  • final design / Executive

  • construction planning

  • construction management

  • tests

  • assistance to the submission of applications for funding